JimsonBerry…and Those Jagged Thoughts


Every time I go too long without doing my soul’s work (writing) I see a film, hear a song, or read a beautifully configured passage by one of my pack members, (writers), to remind me I’m much too far from the den. I have several projects in the hopper, but life has a way of leading me off course. With my dissertation (The Big “D”), the radio shows, reshaping my life, and manifesting my reality it is easy to stray far from home. Thankfully, and not only during the full moon, I hear the howling of my wolf pack that lights the path back to the words of my soul. Jagged or not, my words, my soul often erupts and I arrange, cut, and smooth them as best as I can. Sometimes, just sometimes the chaos goes down like smooth warming Bourbon and worth every single delicious sip! Gander if you will, peace be with you if you won’t. As always, everything is exactly as we choose them to be. 


August Featured Poem





Is there honor?

In loving so deeply that

You lose part of your soul?


Are the mountain passes

Of jagged corners obvious

As your tires crumble the mountain below?


Safe passage never was

Promised on this path

Toward annihilation and oblivion


We both knew touching the sun

Would singe all reason, respect

And logic held in our brains


Feeling the heat of breathless

Words ripped from inside

With no oxygen, no flesh, nothing to cover


Hide the precious life

Of our dying hearts

And hopes of a future


So I melt and you drain

The last drops of sanity

Lonely hearts deign to embrace.


©BBerry 08/06/2016


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