The Impending Platform

I’m zosted from all this author set-up stuff.  Build your platform, build your platform…. blah, blah, blah.  I get it.  If you want people to appreciate your work, you just might need to ask yourself a question.  Is it a secret?  One must mitigate the reactions to the weather that may be heading your way once your work is revealed.  You get the whole gamut because you may not always get just a response to your work; you get luggage from all other areas of that person’s life.  Technically that is a good thing, you’ve moved someone to respond.  For me the thing that I find most creepy is the immediate belief that writers only write about what they have experienced.  My brother read a poem I had written years ago and assumed it was part of my life story and the poem involved a grown boy who used drugs and he’s my brother!  I would hope he’d know if I had any children.  Lord knows I wouldn’t keep that kind of secret from him.  It’s an understandable misunderstanding, but I tend to write to explore the world around me.  In fact I wrote a poem from the perspective of a serial killer/rapist.  Years ago when I first wrote it many women who read it said it gave them the creeps.  So far, I haven’t had a response from anyone who said it aroused them (Thank God…now that would give me the creeps!).  Ah the life of a writer…it’s finally getting good even if it has taken a while for me to share!Image

Published by: doc2bberry

I am a Psychologist in training, who happens to bathe in a sea of thoughts and words. Consider me a mermaid of the mind. My favorite word is ACCEPTANCE, because it allows forgiveness, balance and the right of everyone to just "Be who you be!" I am well known to an elite few, but quickly becoming a much respected famous secret. I believe, say, and support the following quote: "A world that seeks & supports balanced mental health is a world worth living in" --B.Berry

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