Bad, Bad Grammar

You twirl through my head

Bouncing, bumping;

Coming apart at the seams

Ends, beginnings of sentences, dangle disperse

Laughing participles, fragments coy

The put together of which

My mind tries to avoid

You play on the pun deceitfully laid

Dissected run-ons smile mischievously

Hyphen quotations, ellipsis they dash

Roguishness dots and commas

Lovely semicolons they make

Forgetting rules, seductively mixing

For bad, bad grammar’s impish sake



Published by: doc2bberry

I am a Psychologist in training, who happens to bathe in a sea of thoughts and words. Consider me a mermaid of the mind. My favorite word is ACCEPTANCE, because it allows forgiveness, balance and the right of everyone to just "Be who you be!" I am well known to an elite few, but quickly becoming a much respected famous secret. I believe, say, and support the following quote: "A world that seeks & supports balanced mental health is a world worth living in" --B.Berry

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