Late for Dinner

I am alone

And thanks to Newton’s law

There is no end in sight of this.

The force,

What force it would take to change.

Change my past

Change my life

Change me

I search my journals

Scientific and otherwise

I search all the faces

That look away in fear

–of entanglement!

Is there no one to love me

To like me.  Hell, hurt me?

No one?

The politeness of strangers

And yet even friends

Rubs like salt in the wounds

–Cuts I’ve put there

for mere sympathy.

I shove something in my mouth

But even food doesn’t

Hold me anymore

There are mechanized perversions

And the probing of my hand

But they seem to amplify and

Echo the emptiness

That is in my heart

Where is he?

This Prince anything?

I think he’s late for dinner!


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