Perpetually Lost

First Excerpt from  Perpetually Lost by bd Jimson—“Teagon was discussing the expectations he had for the class, which started exactly on time.  He did not wait for people to settle down, though the lecture hall became silent quickly as students realized he continued lecturing despite the noise.  Several students began to firmly shush their classmates as they tried to hear what they were missing when one student raised her hand to request a repeat of what he had said during the hub of students taking their seats.  Teagon stopped lecturing to call on the student and answer her.

I will not repeat myself ad infinitum for the whims of those too inconsiderate to honor your commitments to academic excellence.  For those of you not seeking academic excellence, those here to merely meet a requirement as if the curriculum were merely put in force to babysit your infantile indecisive futures, I guarantee you will not last.  I will not hear excuses; I will not entertain reasons for “valid” interruptions by the feeble actions of the perpetually lost hoping to find themselves between the legs of a classroom romantic partner.  I don’t give a shit why you are selfish enough to assume 60 people welcome your thievery of their financial funding and potentially delay their academic pursuits so don’t bother explaining it to me.  You have three chances to make it known you plan to access this knowledge elsewhere.  Mark me well that means on the third interruption you are instantly dropped from this class.  What that does to your financial aid, grades, parents’ hopes and dreams for you, I really don’t care.  Have your shit together, be ready to start class on time, as I am or get the hell out.”  Teagon stated matter of fact then returned to the screen only to hear the door to the lecture hall open and close.  He turned to see Drinkk walking down the steps with apologetic shrugs of her shoulders and pleadings on her face.  Instead of taking a seat in the back to avoid attention, she continued to an empty seat in front of Teagon.  She faced the class and apologized to them and Teagon then sat down.  Except for the tense throat clearing of the visibly worried class it was chillingly quiet.  Drinkk sunk in her seat and whispered sorry again when her eyes met Teagon’s.  He looked firmly back and said, “That’s one.”  Her actions, which he considered brash, despite her not being privy to the beginning admonishments he dealt, made him dislike her instantly.  He couldn’t wait to drop her from his class and felt certain at the time it was inevitable.  The lecture continued with intermittent groans from the class until he pulled out his pocket watch, waited a few seconds then declared class dismissed.  Everyone began to file out of class except Drinkk.  She stood, waited and watched while Teagon gathered his notes and briefcase then proceeded to exit without acknowledging her.

“Excuse me Dr. Teagon, I have some questions.”  She announced following him.

“There are no excuses for you.” He impatiently declared while continuing up the stairs.

“Excuse me!”  Drink demanded.  “What did you say to me?” she sounded instantly angry, which fueled Teagon’s ire and he turned abruptly to face her causing Drinkk to bump full frontal into him.  The contact surprised them both and deflated some of the storm he was ready to dump upon her.

“I said there are no excuses for you!”  Her beauty stopped him.  She wasn’t wearing makeup and her skin was a flawless honey color with olive undertones.  Her cheekbones harkened to Native American ancestry, but she was clearly of mixed heritage and the confused look in her deep brown eyes changed to the fiery stance of a warrior.

“What right do you have to speak to me like that?”  She was ready to do battle, there was no mistaking it and Teagon felt slightly apprehensive.  Her beauty and attitude weakened his response.

“What is your name young lady?” he weakly demanded and she fiercely retorted.

“Drinkk Paster!” she waited for another barb from him, instead he pulled a pen out of his pocket and opened his portfolio and wrote something on the class roster.  “Listen, if this was because I was late I couldn’t—“ Teagon cut her off, he felt the anger rising both for how she interrupted class and how she undermined his usual callous demeanor with late students.

“I don’t give a shit what your excuses are or the reasons you’re late!  Two more instances and you’re out of here believe you me my dear!” he argued back and turned expecting to leave her dumbfounded on the steps when implausibly she grabbed his arm and not timidly.

“You can’t talk to students like that, who do—“ she began expecting to impart a thing or two about proper protocol.  The thought of a student touching him unwarranted sent him into an over the top tirade as he squared back towards her seething causing Drinkk to step back.

“Ms. Paster, you interrupted class for exactly five minutes from entrance to your feigned sheepish dog-tail-between-the-legs apology!  By my calculations this means you cost exactly $10.42 for each person in class.  Let me extrapolate that for you without including the costs of my salary or the time it took to heat and light this room for that 5 minutes now missing from our lives.  You just spent $614.78 of other people’s money not to mention the time you are now robbing me of being without your inconsiderate presence and the time to prepare for my afternoon classes.  In the future if you feel the need to spend other people’s money, come with checkbook in hand, but for now we are quite finished!”  Teagon turned red faced with anger and left Drinkk standing on the steps.  Back then he felt the stiffening in his pants and wished he had a companion planned for the night.  He fully expected a memo from dean Holbrook about this incident, but none came.  The next time he encountered Drinkk, she had check in hand.”

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