My Best Friend

For the past 14 years I have had the most extraordinary support in the form of a best friend. That kind of duty, friendship is a challenge no matter how nice one is, but best friends seem to act in the most heroic ways. They see things in us others often miss (including ourselves). It’s hard not to be just a little in love with them, whether you have dipped into intimacy or not, regardless of their gender. Of all the gifts one can receive in life, this is one you cannot pay for or orchestrate. They simply appear masqueraded as the:

• Girl/boy next door
• Classmate who held back the bullies
• One who listened to the ever-non-understanding-parental chronicles
• One who bailed you out of jail
• One who let you sleep on their couch
• One who drove you home when you drank too much
• One who first told you that guy/girl would break your heart
• One who taught you all the unmentionables you wouldn’t dare ask anyone else
• One who lent you money for school, work, clothes, a car, whatever and refused to let you pay them back
• Angel who reminded you that you’d survive anything and how wonderful you were when you wanted to just check out permanent.
• One you could sit for hours in a room making like furniture saying absolutely nothing to each other, yet understanding every movement or breath intrinsically.

You may foster the relationship, but how they love you is beyond the bonds of sex or biological strings. Sometimes you just wake up and realize that jerk, who tore your favorite dress in elementary school or shared their umbrella in the pouring rain is the best thing that would ever happen to you. You realize they are your best friend. The following poem is for my best friend…you know who you are! Love me!

How Did He Know

How did he know?
That I’d never leave?
Mismatched in almost all ways, but one
And he held it tight, held it safe
No matter how far I’d push, run, and rant
Why did he read those signs as forever?
The time slipped and I raged on
About life, about everything!
Sometimes he’d dance with me, but
Most times he just stood
Watching, waiting, ever ready
To pick up my pieces whenever I decided
To fall all apart
How did he know?
When I gave him my heart
I’d never take it back.


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