I Know What You Want

We have a lovely submission for the 3rd Writer’s Challenge, which many people can relate to, happily. Thank you Lydia for your submission.

I Know What You Want

by Lydia Pellow

Every time you look at me, I feel like a piece of fruit being studied by an art student for a still life. You know just what I’m going to do before I do it. Your eyes are somewhere between hypnotizing and hopeful. You know me. Anticipation is not your strong suit. When it’s the right time and I reach for those special shoes that you love, then you know.

I have the power; I make you wait. Strange because your name spelled backward is God. When I get your leash you gratefully, joyfully, let me put it on. Out the door for the walk you have been wanting.

©Lydia Pellow

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