Today’s Show on Film Conscious Feelings: Identity Thief

Today on Film Conscious feelings we will be discussing the movie “Identity Thief,” and the psychological aspects of the characters and their issues.

Join us on air or listen to the show by clicking here: Doc2BBerry on Identity Thief

Although this is considered a comedy, it has some serious emotional and psychological issues displayed within. The man whose identity has been stolen is a nice guy with a growing family who is blindsided with the theft of his identity at a crucial time in his career. The woman who steals his identity seems to have no regard for the effects she has on the people whose identity she steals. We have the classic movie motif of hero and villain at the start of the film only to have the vulnerabilities of the villain revealed to explain her malicious behavior. The good guy played by Jason Bateman remains good throughout the movie despite the unfair obstacles that crop up for him. The villain played by Melissa McCarthy is annoying and unbelievable, yet totally likable with her cute “Kewpie doll” face and endless strange explanations for her behaviors. As someone who has experienced identity theft, I found it more difficult to laugh at some of the similar events I have encountered, but with strong acting & comedic talent I found several moments of hilarity as the main emotional point becomes evident. Clearly the thief is using shopping and material goods to self-medicate against her intrinsic loneliness from being orphaned as a baby. Her character did not even know her birth name. One could surmise that both characters, hero and villain had their identity stolen and this movie shows how each is driven to rectify that. It would be great to discuss your thoughts on the movie and possibly how the issues displayed may have affected you in your own life. The call in number is: (626) 657-2104 from 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM today (6/28/2013). Remember, Good films evoke strong feelings!

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