Our Queen Elizabeth

She wasn’t the Donna Reed type
No kisses given with our lunch
She exuded fierce expectations
For our eclectic sibling bunch

She didn’t wait for the school board
To teach her children to read and write
No one dared cross her by asserting
They weren’t the best of the bright

Academic excellence
Wasn’t a choice but a given
No one questioned her rule
If they wanted to keep livin’

She wasn’t the perfect mom
She was humanely flawed indeed
But she kept a roof over our heads
Provided most of what we’d need

Her constant admonishment
Ran like music in our minds
Make sure not to be in the wrong place
At the right time with the wrong kind

She baked killer spaghetti
And lemon meringue pie
Snow day split-pea soup
And the best gumbo you’ll try

We didn’t always agree
With her strict metering of justice
But when we look in the mirror we know
She’s the perfect mom for us.


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