Independence Deemed

Vietnam proclaimed independence from Japan and France in 1945 on September 2nd.

Switzerland declared Swiss National Day on August 1, 1291 for the alliance against the Holy Roman Empire.

• In Nederland (Netherlands) celebrate Bevrijdingsdag, the end of Nazi Germany occupation in their country on May 5, 1945.

Cuba Claimed independence from the United States in 1902 on May 20th.

Argentina claimed their independence from Spain on July 9, 1816.

Armenia declared independence form the Ottoman Empire May 28, 1918 and subsequently declared National independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 on September 21st.

Iceland declared independence from the Kingdom of Denmark in 1918 on December 1st.

Grenada declared their independence from the United Kingdom on February 7, 1974.

• The United States declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain July 4, 1776, although all of its citizens were not free.

• After President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862, effective on January 1, 1863, Black people remained in slavery as most United States citizens ignored the law. Texas specifically refused to honor the proclamation a result from what they considered the “War of Northern Aggression.” This led to federal enforcement of the emancipation of slaves in Texas, where General order no. 3 was read explaining the new order of changes on June 19th 1865.

Since then many African Americans have accepted “Juneteenth” as their official independence; it remains a yearly celebration throughout the United States.

When was your independence deemed? Do you foolishly believe it came with graduating from high school or moving out on your own? What does independence actually mean? One must understand how they define it. According to it is the freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like of others. Personal independence isn’t exactly an easy state of becoming. As a graduate student funding has come through supportive sources for book, classes, scholastic tools and all phases of life to attain “independence.” If you’ve been raped or sexually molested you might be working to free yourself from those horrific events and gain the independence to prevent them from defining you.

Gaining independence from events, people, or countries that victimize you is something we all seek in one way or another. Understanding what makes you feel independent, strong, that which releases you from victimization, is important to find. Sometimes the path to independence isn’t a straight line. My path took me through all kinds of jobs and positions, a move to Oregon State based on hyped up promises by someone with ulterior motives, a brutal assault, loss of a great-paying job, therapy, a return to college, financial complexities, and pursuit of other dreams along the way. I stand at the precipice of Grand Canyon independence; I am so close I feel the heat, dust up my nose, and the whispering silence of my ancestors imparting their approbative embrace: “Well Done daughter, well done!” My point is this: the journey to independence is just as important as the claiming of it. Understanding of this makes the declaration of it life changing. Happy Independence day to you as and when you achieve it!

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