A Week Out of the Life

This past week since I found myself experiencing heat exhaustion, I also found myself feeling physically out of sorts. Sleep called at every turn of my head and the cravings were wild for animal protein and something sweet to nosh…not really my typical vittles-fare. The rowing machine called me too, thankfully to mitigate the strange eating cravings. It has been almost like a week of my life was taken from me, best laid plans and all. Things are changing, they always are it’s just when we become acutely aware they seem to be much greater changes. I am closer to my home every day. Something reminds me that I belong in my home and that I was right to claim this particular house in my line of sight. I talked to the real estate agent the other day and I see her handing me the keys at closing all the time, after which I will high-tail it to the front door with an airbed so that I can sleep at home immediately. Oh the cooling off of the Pacific Northwest is freeing my mind to think more clearly so that I can let the words flow like melted butter again. In honor of my hot hiatus the weekly challenge this week will be “Heat.” I look forward to any submissions that are shared. Last week on Film Conscious Feelings we had a brilliant discussion on the film “Antwone Fisher” and it was quite emotional. Tomorrow the wonderfully funny movie “The Birdcage” will be discussed with all its delicious identity issues. It also highlights same sex connections, families and the reactions that often come hand in hand with them. Next week we will discuss “Under the Tuscan Sun,” which is wonderful for life changes and finding strength within ourselves after devastating events. I realize this is a wee bit of a Hodge-podge post, but alignment is on its way mentally in another day or so.

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