Feeling the Changes

Gandhi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” That’s a heavy thought, deep and delicious! I am, that I am! I am Dr. B., licensed psychologist. I am traveling, meeting people, and loving the world that much more! I am honoring my thoughts and instead of goals, I am honoring my destinies. Life is seeping into my pores like the sensation one gets from drinking icy cold water during the high heat of summer; I can feel it moving through my veins. Looking back at the levels of discouragement I felt, I realize how much was attributed to fear and low self-esteem. I had started to believe in a myth, the one that says, “every time I almost get to where I want to be something happens to ruin or prevent it.” If one were to break down that horrible assertion the key would be leaving yourself in the state of “wanting” which requires the preventing of arriving wherever you are choosing to be. Restating things in the now as in I am ____________ actually allows full force arrival of your intended. Truly I tell you, I am changed with regards to my thoughts and feelings on food, travel, people, passion, school… and okay life. Yeah I’m 50, but looking and feeling 50 has everything to do with your perspective and I am clearly not 50. This could be a family trait. My mom is 83, but most people would probably swear she’s barely a day over 60. Oh the advantages of good genes! Changes aren’t merely coming folks; changes are HERE!

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