Roachy Neighbors


Gone is the “back to school” fervor. Now is the dig in and work time. The first week you get some kind of idea of how your professor will take your assignments, and then you can tailor things accordingly. I usually see the first week as a throw away. This week will also present some higher temperatures here. I’m definitely looking forward to winter, even if it’s a snowbound one! This week I’ll finally get to the last writer’s challenge “Heat” since I’ll have such great inspiration as I try to get some breezes through the house. It’s a bit difficult with the neighbors I have now. The encounters with the woman involved her caustic excited complaints and dismissive mannerisms. When I later tried to apologize for possibly seeming less reactive to her “crisis” demean she talked over me before I could get the 3rd word out! I tried restarting my apology literally almost 8 times and finally gave up. I did give her my name, which she had failed to do and from her reluctance seemed like she had no intentions of giving. Since then she has been equally as dismissive and I avoid her like the cancerous behavior she seems to emulate. She apparently doesn’t like when I open my door to get a breeze (our front doors face each other) even though she can’t see into my place and there are barriers to keep my dogs from getting to her (she has dogs that constantly wail and howl. Apparently she doesn’t like one of them because she leaves him outside even in the pouring rain). I have never seen the man she lives with who is supposedly in the military. I am thinking that it is his dog, because when his truck is here, no howling or wailing! My dogs all but ignore her and howling and wailing because it happens so often. I loved my last neighbors…this new development heeds me to move and but as soon as possible! She lied to me when trying to threaten that she had contacted the landlord once about trash (don’t think she likes that I leave it in a bag out front…don’t ask!). She indicated that it was okay though as if she smoothed things over with the landlord. How to tell her the landlord is my best friend’s step dad and I am very close to the family. Well I just didn’t and let her play out her nonsense. A month later when talking my best friend (who doesn’t appreciate any animal mishandling) the encounters were discussed and her stepdad, mom and her all confirmed they haven’t had any contact with the bundle of pustule-ence next door.) I have never seen anyone walk around angry every single day before the new neighbors moved in. I actually hope she can rectify her unhappiness because that kind of negativity within often leads to chronic illnesses like cancer. They are supposedly from another state and maybe she is most unhappy about leaving family and friends. She often sits in her car late at night talking on the cell phone as if she cannot talk in the house with her husband/boyfriend/partner. Weird. Creepy neighbors are like having roaches I think. You know they’re there, there’s little you can do about it, and you hope you never have to see or encounter them. I cannot imagine the winter with “roachy” neighbors…it’s darkening my winter dreams.

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