Rebuilding my metabolism

concept2.jpg-mwatermark(786,550,crop)I started the day on the rowing machine, followed by a lovely chocolate/coconut oil/coffee/cinnamon protein shake. Again become too busy to drink second shake right away so I opened a can of soup. I hadn’t made any soup for the week yet, but there are garbanzo beans/beef stew chunks and curry/peanut/sauce doing whatever it does in the crockpot for tomorrow. How I adore that little red workhouse of mine. It’s only a 3-quart crockpot, but it is perfect for one person. The garbanzo beans are organic and a fabulous purchase from Palouse Brand organic grains. I made wonderful hummus from those beans and they smelled so yummy cooking in the crocker that I figured they might taste good in a Thai themed soup/stew. Tomorrow’s supposed to be in the ‘90’s around here so I won’t likely want to cook a thing. I might end up with shakes all day. I do have frozen watermelon so a few smoothies will likely figure in. The name of the game for me these days is protein, protein, protein, and eat, eat, eat! Metabolism requires fuel and movement so I am pushing myself. I normally don’t like to eat much if at all, which has made that sluggish metabolism of mine, but that’s changing! I am ready to leave my fat behind. It no longer serves me. Back to school and writing!

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