Starting New Show – Bring Your Own Brilliance

Bring Your Own Brilliance Radio Show

I will be on the Blog talk Radio tomorrow starting a new show about finding your brilliance. One thing that I feel too many of us don’t realize, we were born with inherent brilliance and fostering is the one way we can truly help others. What’s your brilliance? Do embody it and or celebrate it regularly? Join me October 1st at 9:00 am Pacific Daylight Time/12:00 noon for 30 minutes when I start the show interviewing/discussion brilliance with my brother David. I am excited about the potential benefits that this show will provide and I hope the Brilliance spreads exponentially!

Published by: doc2bberry

I am a Psychologist in training, who happens to bathe in a sea of thoughts and words. Consider me a mermaid of the mind. My favorite word is ACCEPTANCE, because it allows forgiveness, balance and the right of everyone to just "Be who you be!" I am well known to an elite few, but quickly becoming a much respected famous secret. I believe, say, and support the following quote: "A world that seeks & supports balanced mental health is a world worth living in" --B.Berry

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