Cabin by the Ocean


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I have so many things to say I feel as if a blood-curdling scream that lasts 12 hours wouldn’t cover 1 percent of it. It’s the start of a new quarter today and the classes I’ll be taking are exciting: Teaching of Psychology & Principles of Instructional Design. I thought I’d be more prepared today, but I have to say last quarter was stressful with life issues. The week I had off from school I did get some chores done, but my spirit was exhausted. I slept last week more than I normally do in one month’s time. I am dreaming about my new home, Barcley, and being finished with school. Although I am not doing this for my parental unit, I would love them to still be around once I earn my doctorate. Having the ol’ coot & Queen beam with pride for having a Doctor in the family will be nice to see at their ages especially. Physically I am feeling out of sorts. I could use a nice juice or water fast to cleanse the system. Tomorrow lots of reading and still looking for two textbooks that I put away somewhere safe (always a disaster, it only ends up being safely out of my mind as to where I put things!) Tomorrow I have a lot of cleaning to do as well. We’ll see how far I get.I’ve been in one of those “nothing is as it should be” phases. The kind where I should be in a cabin in the woods for a week. Oops that’s a horror movie…I guess I’ll change that to cabin on the ocean instead. Bainbridge here I am! I guess I’ll try to get some sleep so that I can get up early with vacuum and the dogs. I hope the repair man comes after 11 AM, although the sooner he gets in and out of her would be great, it’s easier to study when no one is here with me.

Published by: doc2bberry

I am a Psychologist in training, who happens to bathe in a sea of thoughts and words. Consider me a mermaid of the mind. My favorite word is ACCEPTANCE, because it allows forgiveness, balance and the right of everyone to just "Be who you be!" I am well known to an elite few, but quickly becoming a much respected famous secret. I believe, say, and support the following quote: "A world that seeks & supports balanced mental health is a world worth living in" --B.Berry

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