Cha Cha Changes—


I know, I know I haven’t blogged as much as I’d like to, but I’ll say it for the billionth time, that’s changings ha ha. Actually there will be some changes to the website. Film Conscious Feelings will be changing to Philmchology (Film + Psychology = Philmchology). Everyone reviews films or tells you all the endings etc., but I believe that takes something away from a film and I do want to keep the focus on the psychology of them. It is after all what gives a film depth, even if it seems plot-less. I think trailers and all the crazy documentation that takes place for and about a film years before it is produced, during production, after production detracts so much that Hollywood has essentially lulled America to sleep. Sometimes the only way to wake up is to watch a film from another country with subtitles, if for nothing else to force you to pay attention. Most “foreign” films are so well done subtitles are not necessary. If there is one thing silent films have taught us it is that the story/plot should be obvious along with the actions regardless of any sound. Good movies take you to the emotion and meaning merely from the action of the screenplay. Dialogue, musical interludes, and voiced over narratives are merely icing on the cake.

If you don’t believe me, get to the experimentation of this. Watch a film you’ve never seen before without sound. Set aside the conclusions for which you arrive. Then watch it again with sound up, you’ll be reminded of the immense intelligence you truly have, that Hollywood constantly tries to erase from your consciousness. It’s sort of like the search engine “Bing” by Microsoft. They supposedly find the best results from your searches so you don’t have to ferret through other options. This is another “service” designed to reduce your brain engagement and therefore capacity. What could be better for controlling the masses than by dumbing them down to sheep to be led in proper Pied Piper (Dictatorship) fashion. So, I say to you, take a vacation from allowing others to determine your choices, even if it is merely a search engine. It belittles and insults the God-given wisdom you encompass.

Ah the lovely rant, how I love the way it rolls off my tongue or through my fingers!Another change that will be added is my mad scientist cooking concoctions or what I like to call “Mad Chef-tist (Mad + Scientist + Chef = Mad Chef-tist). It’s always hit or miss with me because I am the consummate lazy cook, but there are times ideas draw me into the kitchen to see what kind of Frankenstein foods I can create. So there will be these two categories added. Starting in January I am supposed to move to a radio network, but I might keep my personal radio show to use as a weekly recap. I will see how things go. Right now I haven’t had much sleep, but I will post later with the first Mad Chef-tist story and then I will get the first official Philmchology section set up as well. I have two assignments due today (one is a day late) and two papers due on Sunday, but my sleep has been limited even though I played “hooky” yesterday. I’ll lose some points, but it was worth it yesterday I believe. Till later, these peepers need some non-creeper sleep. Part of the reason I couldn’t sleep is I creeped myself out with a horror film that is based on a true story. Now that it’s light outside and most of the sounds are less disturbing in the house, I can drop off.

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