Curried Red Lentil-Chicken Emblazoned with Yummy Bits


Well I was going to have pizza for New Year’s Eve, but then I baked some chicken legs that I had over seasoned for frying later. I didn’t feel like frying and they went into a dish to roast in the Breville Oven…. an hour or more later I ended up with what tasted like blackened drumsticks! Oh my goodness nice and spicy and soooo tasty! Sorry no pictures of those, they were so good I ate a helping for dinner and a few hours later I shamelessly ate the rest (I only package small amounts so it wasn’t like 2lbs of chicken legs, but way more than I usually eat!). Well the yummy tidbits left in the pan just seemed like they would be better re-purposed in another dish instead of the trash so…the Mad Chef-tist was engaged!

Curried Red Lentil-Chicken emblazoned with Yummy Bits

Night Before:

Soak yummy leftover bits from some poultry, pork, Beef, or whatever meat dish (add about 1-1/2 Cups of warm water to the pan the meat was cooked in to soften for removal the next day.

1 Tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 Cups Red Lentils
4 boneless skinless frozen chicken breasts
1-2 or more tablespoons of Curry
4 heaping teaspoons of brown sugar
1 heaping tablespoon of dried cilantro
Thai-Ginger Broth (I used Swanson’s…use whatever you want!)
1 Can of organic Coconut milk

Pour EVOO in bottom of 3-quart crock-pot. Rinse red lentils good, and then put in the bottom of the crock. Layer Frozen chicken breasts on top of lentils. Stir soaked yummy bits then pour over chicken/lentils. Sprinkle curry, cilantro, and brown sugar over chicken. Pour Thai-Ginger broth into crock on one side to avoid washing all spices off top of chicken until you have about 3 inches left between liquid and top of crock-pot. Cover turn on low and allow cooking for about 4-5 hours. Pour coconut milk into crock-pot, stir lightly to mix in, then recover and leave on low for another couple hours (I turned crock off after a long nap, about 3 hours later. Voila…. unbelievably easy, yummy and the most tender chicken you can imagine that totally melts in your mouth!!

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