Philmchology and The Incredible Movie: Blackfish


This will be a special show for Philmchology because of the subject matter. Thursday Jan 9th, 2014 at 4PM PST/7PM EST to call in

(646) 727-2914

Click Here: [Philmchology W/Brenda B: Movie: Blackfish] to Join Live on thursday, or to listen if you cannot catch the show live.

I have always loved Orcas, first because of their distinct color and then because of their incredible family connections. The film I am reviewing will most certainly take a piece of your heart to watch, hopefully a large part. My Intro was engineered slightly longer where I let them speak and the show will end with a special track I made that will play for about 6 minutes as I let the music and the orcas speak from my heart. Please take the time to watch the trailer, the movie or find out why Orcas should never be held in captivity and remember to love our other species brothers and sisters because they make this big blue ball work for all of us.

P. S. I cannot guarantee I won’t tear up during the show, so please forgive the emotions in advance if it is something you do not handle well. Much love around whatever and whoever you are. -B

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