Changes In A lonely Place


I’m still working on wrapping up classes for this quarter. At the beginning of this month the Seattle Seahawks (and 12th Man-and Women) won Super Bowl 48, which my dad and I have been waiting for since the city first started recruiting players 38 years ago. On the 10th Dad had his 80th birthday and was happy, funny and his lovely character self; 6 days later he passed in the early AM. I start my dissertation work on March 3rd. I thought that meant I could graduate on November 23rd of this year, but a little investigation suggests I may have to do 4 separate quarters of the dissertation, which means I won’t have the option of graduating before February 1st 2015. It’s disappointing to me that I won’t finish this year and I may have to take extra classes to deal with financial aid. I have a lot to think about and more to plan. I know it’s only 3 more months, but I can’t explain other than to say graduate school begins to feel like real prison. I do call it graduate prison, because for me life has been on hold waiting to finish. Well life goes on and now so does graduate school. I am hoping for better news about that after talking to my advisor on Monday. Fingers and toes crossed for a better solution, if not then I know in my heart there are spiritual and beneficial reasons things are the way they are. God is always watching and available…Thank you God for getting me this far!

Tonight I was watching APB with Troy Dunn and a young woman had never met her dad. I find it poignant that I just lost mine as she finds hers and they truly needed each other. First thing he says to her “I love you” I miss my dad, but I am so happy for her. She kept saying, “You’re my dad.” Whenever I called my dad I’d say, “Where’s my dad?!” Once he even sent me a Christmas card and wrote inside “I’m right here!” I tell you life through the ups and downs it’s still life in all its glory.

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