Radio Show Lineup for the Week

Just follow links to the shows on the day of the show and call in or listen on archive anytime after the show originally airs.

Sunday: In The Studio w/Lennis: “Books” (3PM PFT/4PM MDT/6PM EDT)

Monday: LNB Passage to Empowerment: “Spring Cleaning (Hosts: Lydia, Nina & Brenda) (8PM PDT/9PM MDT/11PM EDT)

Tuesday: BYO Brilliance: “The Brilliance of Developing Your Own Mission Statement” (6PM PDT/7PM MDT/9PM EDT)

Wednesday: *FREE* Psychic Readings (3PM PDT/4PM MDT/6PM EDT)

Thursday: Philmchology with Brenda B: “Alien Resurrection” (11AM PDT/12noon MDT/2PM EDT)–alien-resurrection

Friday: *Traffic Jam Fridays* (3PM PDT/4PM MDT/6PM EDT)

Saturday: Time 2 Love: “Tools – What’s in your chest? With host, Lydia Pellow (2PM PDT/3PM MDT/5PM EDT)–whats-in-your-chest-with-host-lydia-pellow

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