Sigourney Weaver’s Got Nothing but Net!

And here’s some backstory to the movie we are reviewing this week in Philmchology. Now with all the gender issues discussed with this anthology relating to the “alien-ness” of Strong women (or women in general) in a Patriarchal society….this little video clip just proves how little people expect out of women and how we continue to surprise the world. Hey listen, it’s not about gender it’s about whatever you’ve got inside you! That’s my point and the “Alien” series actually points that out in so many ways. This is a great addendum to the movie. I hope you take the chance to watch this, watch the movie, and join us on Thursday at 11 am to discuss the fourth movie in the Alien Anthology. oh yeah and Sigourney…you go woman— you ARE all that as Brian Orser said “you’re a stud!” ha ha (they even have to describe us in male terms for recognition…interesting.

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