A Day of Foolishness

Today is the traditional day of foolishness and I have started it eating foolish foods (peanut clusters & butter cookies with root beer soda)! I’m already feeling sick to my stomach. It’s like dogs eating grass to force them to become sick I guess. I have so much to do and no gumption to do it. “Groceries” will be delivered today. I use quotation marks because I did get some alcohol for the house. I am running low on Bourbon and needed emergency reinforcement! I did pick up a few other bottles, just to have on hand, but they’ll sit and collect dust like the Sherry, and Honey Tequila that sits on the shelf. I have never tried Irish whiskey “ Old Bushmills,” and Disaronno Amaretto. We’ll see; Bourbon is just in my blood. What can I say? There’s some zucchini calling my name for a little pasta dish or zuke bread. Maybe I can get the Mad “Chef”tist to come out today and play with the day’s foolishness. Either way until my show later today I hope to write Write WRITE, and sleep Sleep SLEEP! (There better be some vacuuming too or there’ll be no living here and that’s the truth Ruth!

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