NaPoWriMo Days 1 – 6

April 1


How that grin sways me from my world into yours,
The soft voluptuous world of fragrance
that emanates from your touch.
As I listen to your trysts of loneliness and lovemaking,
My mind wanders illicitly to your breasts
And the warmth I know I’ll find there.
The warmth rough hands rarely know how to give.
Mere curiosity? I think not.
More the thought, possible dream
Of making love to oneself.
My breasts.
My neck.
My stomach.
My ears.
My legs.
My treasure.

I continue to listen, yet I only hear;
Feel the wet passion
That flows,
……………with your


April 2

Wants More

There are pools
Deep and meaningful that escape
Long beyond me; hidden under two sad pebbles
And I want so much to be in there.

There where your thoughts, beliefs, and musings fester, play then
Dance about your experiences in life.
There where no one can reach you, yet stays like a virus close under your skin
I want so much…

I can hear the silence of your thoughts
They bellow colorful sempiternity
Contrast striking black and white drops
To confuse and entice there where I want to be

The distance to close my feeling
The place I need to explore
The touch never forthcoming
In your thoughts Dear Stephen–where want takes me…wants more.

April 3

The Shower Curtain
(Ode to Lydia & Her Mom Vera)

It’s not that all her experience
Is lost in memory or trials of life
Because I see her, I feel her
She never really leaves me

No boarding planes need shave off time
I can speak her name as I take the long drive
Because I see her, I feel her
While miles fall away and her words sing to me

I loved that glint when she talked of what’s current
As if she’d rise out that chair and give someone a kick
Because I see her, I feel her
I thankfully embody the feistiness she left to me

She spoke of her time: some wrong some right
Her essence was clear and she owned her way
Because I see her, I feel her
The connection she provided was never lost to me

She shared her knowledge wanted or not
Her crumpled body lighted many a path
Because I see her, I feel her
The warmth of her love safely guided the road before me

When I miss her and think of how she bathed me with joy
I want to wrap her shower curtain around my body
Because I see her: I feel her
The memories of our time together comforts me

It’s not that I think she’ll ever be far from the grasp of my hand
Or that her laughter won’t ring true in my ears at night
But I still want to hold her close
I still want to crawl into her lap
Because I still see her, I still feel her
I am most thankful for that part of her that remains strong inside of me.

April 4

There Was A Time

There was a time
When you appeared monolithically brilliant
The only way see you was up

There was a time
When you appeared substantially flawed

There was a time
When you appeared unquestionably weak

There was a time
when you appeared systemically broken

I find this time
That you are physically proven to be human
Including all the negative and positive possibilities
And I know what I owe to the next generation
The same aspects that beguiled me from you.


April 5

The Eager Moment

Why do I act like this
Nervously excited
As if awaiting a one-night engagement
To play Carnegie Hall
Or possibly the Met!
My fingers are yet so klavically endowed
And the sweetness in my voice
Would starve a cricket!

Oh that darned perpetual smile, grin!
The pain of holding mouth corners erect
Not even a cigarette to clench as an excuse

Thoughts run jagged and confused
Scurrying to prepare for the Diplomat’s call.
Clarity has runaway with control
Consistency taken a back seat
Disgust has come to visit my schoolgirl behavior
I feel weak and exhilarated
Wanting more of this high, yet longing for the release
But release to
And How?
To possibilities . . .
Like, love, or just a date.
Why do I feel this way?
Maybe it’s just—

Oh! The phone—


April 6

Nobody Wants To Hear

Nobody wants to hear me.
As I start my whole tale
About what concerns me
About what’s happened to me
About who I am.

A passenger just beat me—
“What route was it?”
Well it was the—
“I just carry a gun when I drive”

I can’t seem to sleep any—
“Oh I just think about my dreams”
When I try, the nightmares are horri—
“Ask your doctor for codeine it puts me to sleep”

I’m afraid of my communit—
“Girl you’ve got to get back out there!”
But I don’t feel safe anymo-
“Shoot! You been watching too much TV”

I can’t seem to get my life bac—
“Haven’t you gained weight?”
I just can’t seem to focu—
“You need to get back into church”

Nobody wants me here
There’s nothing more to tell
I’m nobody’s concern
What more could really happen?
When I can’t remember who I am


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