He Was My Daddy


NaPoWriMo #23 Submission

He Was My Daddy

He made sweeping huge movements
Creating culinary wonders
That masqueraded as Peanut butter
And jelly sandwiches

He spoke softly during discipline
So you had to move in close because
He didn’t chase us and always
Reasoned why the spanking might come

He was almost brutal with his words
Even when it resulted in tears
To make sure we learned
Independence and personal responsibility

He looked at the world with constant wonder
Like the curly headed boy he grew from
Smiling, laughing, charming all the women
With his look of innocence and grandeur

Ah yes he was a bully
And sure he was instant
Hot then cold, but…
The old coot was always delightful
And more importantly
He was my daddy


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