Last Call


NaPoWriMo # 22 Submission

Last Call

It’s dark, a little scary
And there’s something wrong
With that street light
Just a few hours ago
The speeding traffic
Threatened life and limb
Without a thought
There’s a sound unfamiliar
In the crowding distance
By blown leaves whistling?
Is that a drag or a thud?
Slinking closer where I stand
Frozen to the ground
As my heart tries to run
Werewolves aren’t real
Why is that shapeless
Furry form so huge
I had to get a dog
She had to have a yapper
Who for once is silent
Trying to back up
The leash tangles me down
Lap dog squeaks out a yelp
The shape stops sudden
As I scootch back unsuccessful
Reflective eyes lead to growling
Wishing for big brute dog
Like lives next door when
A screech loosed a scream
“Spot! You get back here!
Bad dog! You know better!”
The neighbor’s dog snoots a warning
“I’ll be back!” before running off
I check my cowardly self
Finally spying the dust mop shaking
“Tomorrow your mom’s walking you!”


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