Sliced Wonder Bread


NaPoWriMo #27 Submission

Sliced Wonder Bread

In kindergarten they told me
I had to make him mud pies
He just sat on a shrubbery throne
While the other girls showed me my duties
He was dark and handsome
With Sidney Poitier skin and eyes
I finally took his hand and we walked away
While those girls made pats of wet dirt

In high school he asked me out on a date
The office girls feigned and fawned o’er him
Pushed me amidst squeaks of excited approval
He took me to a secluded field for lunch
And asked me what I wanted from the relationship
I was still trying to figure out what made it a date
He stammered something about getting to know
And enjoy one another I confusedly acquiesced

There were meetings where he took charge
Because I was as lost as anyone could be
Slobbering his uncomfortable cold wetness
As he sucked and licked my entire face
While thinking I’d never enjoy what he called a kiss
He whipped out what looked like child’s play
My scientific observation wasn’t understood or appreciated
How his P-ster was white and so much smaller than dad’s

He stared politely at me with puppy dog adoration
Topping his curly long hair with John Lennon glasses
Left me quizzically twitchy and strangely unseated
As he patiently and perfectly answered all class questions correct
He was compassionately kind and an unerring genius
Who took me on the best date, to date of my life
After which I forced my virginity upon his shy politeness
It was the best feeling since sliced Wonder white bread


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