Philmchology: How Films Inform A Better Life


When I first started a show about film and psychology I called it “Film Conscious Feelings,” but anytime you put feelings into a name it harkens towards potential tears and emotional upheaval. I stopped that show and came up with the brilliant title Philmchology which can be written equationally as: (Film + Psychology = Philmchology) It has been progressing quite nicely and now the only one who usually gets emotional is me (big smile). Some concepts touch me or disturb me and that is why film is so important with psychology. As an educational psychologist I plan to utilize film in my courses as often as serves the concepts being explored.

One thing that film can do is help people connect with situations they might not ever encounter. Budding psychologists don’t all have experience with multi-varied family compositions or problems and neither do veteran psychologists. I am not suggests that people in the mental health profession must experience everything a person has experienced to help them. Still, seeing perspectives outside our own personal his/her-stories helps us to understand how to address client concerns or our own!

Listen films can always be utilized as pedagogical (teaching) tools, but as one of my friends often suggests she uses film to help her cry when she needs a good one. She believes that crying is cathartic, and I tend to agree if one doesn’t cry constant without stopping…that might suggest an issue to remedy. I say might, because I do not know anyone’s specific situation unless they are speaking to me directly for diagnostic determination (when the Doctor is in, which is not right now! ha ha) However, I do discuss psychological concepts on the show.

Here’s the link to the Facebook Page: Philmchology on Facebook

Like the page and enjoy the smorgasbord of trailers and information listed within. I also have the schedule for Philmchology there. You can also click the Philmchology page here on my website to find the list of upcoming shows and times as well as archival show links to hear older shows. You may question some of my assertions. Hey drop me an line or comment to open a dialogue. This week the movie is “White Squall” which is based on a true story, tragedy, and coming of age in the midst of an ethical dilemma. Hopefully you can join in!

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