16 Hours…Already Feeling Hungry


Luckily I have a paper due, the prospectus to tighten up and submit, and more housework to finish. The only hitch, feeding the dogs in the next hour—puts me square in the kitchen with the easy food reach. My thoughts are already towards…maybe I should just do 4 days instead or “how will they know I didn’t eat the whole time!” Ah my personal honor, integrity, and responsibility will keep me from eating unless I flat out come here to tell you I just couldn’t do it!

I have fasted in the past, but I was a little more prepared and was detoxifying etc. I will just have to bear down and get other work done. I must remember that stomach rumblings don’t necessarily translate to hunger…sometimes it’s just your intestinal system taking care of business. So while my stomach is on an alimentary “Leave of absence” I will keep you posted. It would be so much easier to sleep through the next five days…oh well, at least this day is almost over. Eight more hours and counting down. Hopefully it will be easier to continue after midnight. I have the extra stores on my body to deal with non-sustenance days, but I doubt most children that are hungry in America do.

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