Catching Up On True Blood


Decided since this is the final year of the series I would start over with the first and so far I am up to the 3rd year. It has been illuminating going back over everything. Charlaine Harris truly hit a wonderful niche with her premise “what if your boyfriend was a vampire?” exploration. The characters were so Shakespearean with the twists, turns, and unexpected supernatural options that turned up through the years. I know everyone was excited about the love relationship in the beginning, but Tara slapping her sorry-ass-boss in the first episode and telling a “stupid-acting” customer off captured me. The boldness of that scene was exquisite and who hasn’t worked for someone they wanted to slap for their creepy treatment of them or to tell a “stupid-acting” customer off for their nonsense! I’m in the mood for vindication since my school didn’t do their job and caused a minor snafu in my daily affairs. In the past, before I was so enlightened spiritually I would cry or call up everyone and “cuss” him or her out, but no more. These days I realize we create our own karmic troubles and I know that eventually the things we do even unintentionally have a brilliant way of returning personal favors. That school will eventually suffer from their mistakes and I definitely am triumphing over the ones they have made with me. These days I know that everything draws me closer to my brilliant destiny. So back to True Blood, while I continue to work on my prospectus…it might be ready to turn in, not sure. I will say this about True Blood…it’s a psychological smorgasbord!

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