Barcley Dreams…

As usual, dreaming of Barcley and nudging her to return with my heart and soul!


Morning’s Green Dew

Her feet, soft and new
Are never far from my mouth
Or that intoxicating baby love
That softly heralds her name—
Her presence in my overwhelming heart

Spring shines from every hair
On her head my glory sings
Of responsible, obligations
Invading commitments, no, warmth
Melting control of my weakening mind

She wrote my life into existence
Through pain’s anxiety in life
Sweet as morning’s green dew
Flash flood alert spilling full
My blurred, optimistic eyes

How can she ever know?
The painful loss and joy
Awaiting her arrival most Brilliant
Late and on time just the same
Returning my soul, Barcley Boo to me.

©BBerry Monday, June 30, 2014

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