Wishing For A Dull Heart

Stone Heart

On The Daily Post, Jen Groeber talks about “Homecoming” for her Fifty Word Story, and packs so much feeling and imagery in those 50 well-chosen words. However, what speaks to me is the Dull Heart aspect. I honestly often wish I had a Dull Heart to not feel so much for people and their issues. I may foolishly believe that a dull heart won’t feel so affected by friends, family…the world. I certainly don’t want a dead heart, just one that can traverse life with an on and off switch for when I choose to feel versus autonomic reactions. My heart, fortunately or unfortunately beats to so many different rhythms I never know where I will wake up: In love, in like, in voracious turpitude! With a dull heart people who mistreat animals could be turned off. With a dull heart the off-hand comments about my hair, friends, clothes, or weight wouldn’t alert me to how weakly insecure some people are that they need to put down others. With a dull heart I can ignore how disappointed I feel in myself when I assert anything judgmental about anyone else. With a dull heart my passions in life might be overlooked and eventually lost forever…I would miss them.

2 thoughts on “Wishing For A Dull Heart”

  1. Love the direction you take the “dull heart.” Oh, to be able to control our intrepid hearts (and how much of ourselves we’d lose if we did.) Thanks for including me.

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