Seconds of an Opinion Heart Beat


In the following seconds a decision is made: Folly! I never met a “Second Opinion” that I liked. True, after the historical hits that I’ve encountered with the dark side of humanity trust is a difficult gem to mine. More importantly, once you acquire such a precious stone the holding onto it is of greater métier than most of us are made. Second Opinions are nothing more than trust or confirmation of it within. Finding out one doesn’t trust her or his self is rather daunting a mountain to meet; it calls into question all our prior decisions good or not. While I trust myself or more accurately, I follow my own flow wherever and however it flows, I’m usually in “Wait and See” mode. The bend of my flow either clunks up or speeds down; in either case I’m on the ride of my life and adjust accordingly. Maybe it’s the impending psychologist in me, but the reasons behind clunks up or speeds down usually moves me brilliantly on my ways despite how my life is perceived by those outside this one I’m living! I used to care more about how my dishes or baked goods tasted to others, but they were either too busy stuffing their mouths or satisfied to alert me of “Houston” sized problems. This left me alone with my opinions and decisions. So… I quit asking, yet people continue to return for the vittles. In the meantime, I’ve become quite acute in my observational understandings about life and myself overall. Instead of “What Was I Thinking” it is “What I was thinking…”There is a BIG PICTURE; I’ve got my pepper popcorn and this movie is one hell of a hoot!

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