Commemorating A New Venture

We’ve started our new Radio Network: Levitating Mindsets Network, which launches its first show tomorrow at 7pm MDT. I remember writing this poem for my friends involved. Friendship is so mercurial and not always everlasting as we all would love to assume—still we are on a journey and I suspect one that will take us all into the latter states of our lives.  It is all about elevating life’s possibilities.  It’s a movement we all hope will help change the world in some small to enormous way for everybody.


Love Soup

Time keeps running; life’s slowly passing me by
The aroma of your spirit
Begs me to stay close
All the spices of you, you, and me
Marinate into such a lovely
Friendship of spicy serious joy
Friends of a feather, spirit, and mind
Keep time passing as we run by and by
Twisting and turning as friends often do
Love soup
Of me, you, and you!


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