Night Worry

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These nights take on frightening overtures—can’t wait for morning! Sleep is tenuous (more than usual). Things I could care less about seem like looming shapeless ogres. I either clean or search for reasons/ways to trick myself back to sleep. Three hours later—nothing. Normally the rain and dark would be tantalizing for someone like me and a good creeper movie would be in the DVD, not last night. I’m tired of little worries they are draining my energy. I thought I had given up the worry addiction earlier this year and for a while it worked. All it takes is one concern that is multiphasic for resolving and then worry spreads like a cancer or a virus infecting almost all my thoughts. It is amazing how catatonic I become when I start focusing on some little thing. Talking about it does not make me feel better it only adds to my ridiculous thoughts. I’ve finally decided to put in “Salem’s Lot” and start some laundry. Maybe that will lead to a long extended nap to carry me through to evening. First a few more boxes packed for charity and moved outside. I will get the “Master to Do” list started today. If I can clear my living room of everything that belongs elsewhere I can possibly put up the artificial tree early to provide a softer light and perspective at night starting next week. All of a sudden I’m just spent.

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