Spent The Night In Salem’s Lot


I have the DVD, but caught it on the DVR recently. First saw it as a miniseries my first year of college at Gonzaga University way back in 1981. My dorm was nicknamed “The Zoo,” because it was coed and housed the majority of incoming freshmen. There was a lone 20-inch television in the lobby that had about two chairs and one couch surrounding it. A bunch of us piled onto and around the couch huddled as close as we could get ourselves to watch this “Stephen King” movie, which reminded me of my childhood. My siblings and I always huddled under blankies together to watch “Midnight Theater” djsposter with the vampire called “The Count,” Count(a big hint that I grew up in the Pacific Northwest!) Midnight Theater shaped my life probably to the absolute chagrin of my loved ones (watching monster movies is my religion!)

Back to Salem’s Lot, we all cringed with what seemed so frightening even for a bunch of college students in the 1980’s. The film was well made by an up and coming director “Tobe Hooper” who became more famous later for movies like:

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  • The Funhouse
  • Poltergeist

Many of his movies are horror based, although he did work in television and was involved with the series “The Equalizer (1987), which was good, without horror schlock, digressing as usual. Salem’s Lot creeped us out with its darker set and mood inducing outdoor cinematography, similar to the pacific northwest so we all made sure to get our studies done early. I especially made sure to take up early status on the center of the couch for safety (especially when someone would sneak up behind and scare us while watching it!)

Last night I enjoyed the movie ambiance tried to sleep, but ended up working with boxes and eliminating recycling. I also sorted and resorted and miraculously my living room floor grew at least 3 sizes last night. The day was slept away and now it’s time to feed the dogs and continue with Halloween movie watching activities (after all it is my religious and I am devout!) My home feels like Salem’s Lot creepy (with too much junk) and someplace I’d like to keep running from as there’s something wrong with many aspects of the place that needs attention. Actually not that bad, nothing that a little re-flooring, plumbing, roof insulation, and storm windows couldn’t fix! These are all things that are overdue, but I am a non-complaining tenant and my landlord is a very nice man so I do without as long as I can. I know that living here is in part contributing to my ability to attend graduate school and achieve my doctorate as my student loans. I will be forever grateful.

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