Baby Chinook


Baby Chinook

It’s the unspoken cleansing of a chaotic mind
As the changeable forces brush vividly by
Tantalizing my ears, eyes, yet even my skin
With deafening whispers hidden within

It can start with a cyclone, flurry or flutter
Building weakly pressuring up to a duster
Ever ready to sing a scathing summer’s breeze
Serving Mother Nature’s invisible needs

I’m often warned of my moods mistral
With a word, a look, or a thought dismal
Gone is the complacent hope of fair weather
Replaced by the updraft of a boisterous Zephyr

Beware the tempestuous gale of my heart
With the thoughtless steps you would start
The loss of the treasured bond you forsook
Unleashing this baby snow-melting Tshinook

©BBerry 11/2/2014

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