The Undeniable Lover


The Undeniable Lover

There’s no stopping this one
That pushes, prods, pulsates
All around us inside and out of us
Ever reaching, touching and coercing the orchestrations of our
Movements unrestrained
How to deny something that calls:
Obligatory, binding, open and shut, sound…
The touch is caressing, yet firm and demanding inside my head
Guiding my own hands up, down, and everywhere
Encircling all the special tinglings of my soul
I am not in control, but I am not weak to the whiles of this lover
Which God made to transport me to the highest highs and deepest depths
Of heaven and hell.
This lover does not creep in the middle of the night, like a thief
This lover emboldens us to actions unforeseen in all forms of light
As the possession takes place
And the inebriating gyrations impregnate our soul with myriad versions of love
The sweetness of this perambulant vagabond, music glides on…


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