Loving Myself Through Loss… RIP beautiful Boy


Yesterday my sweetie lost his 20-year old grandson to cancer. It was, yes, so sad to hear of such a young person leave us so soon, but I believe he was a very old soul who brought us all lessons in love. I didn’t think about how much it was draining me until the moment he died and I just fell into a deep slumber. My sweetie is overcome, but he and his spirit will heal. I want to thank everyone for being supportive. Late last night as I searched for a plant to send his family from mine, the bright beautiful flowers seemed to lift my mood and it dawned on me “why not send yourself something bright, beautiful, not in sympathy to me, but in celebration for life. Also for being who I am and yes to love myself through all this. Call me what you will but it was worth the money and any raised eyebrows, because I do deserve this reminder of my self worth and how much life matters… to me.

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