Maybe Time For A Rethink!


After reading an article about a mom and daughter sharing a “Tiny House,” which are all the “RAVE” these days of which I constantly vacillate, I am most certainly due for a Rethink! The daughter Candice said:

“When people talk about tiny houses, it’s about downsizing, it’s about getting rid of stuff. But me, it was about adding stuff, just collecting everything I like and cramming it into the house. Couple things I couldn’t cram in, I had to let it go. And the rest is what you see. So that’s how I designed this. I just made a list of everything that makes me happy, and then tried to find room for it.” -TinyHouseTalk: Small Space Freedom

I have been focusing on a specific home on Bainbridge that exuded qualities that I believe fit me for specific reasons, albeit with compromises. (Something I find foreign in life period—) Yes I do often wonder how it is I have so many loving friends with that attitude… Saints, that’s the only way to describe them, no matter how much they terrorize me back! I have not listed all the things that “make me happy” as Candice suggested for designing her tiny home. In fact I have been trying to fit me into the various homes I have found throughout my waterfront property search on Bainbridge Island. Despite the fact I have walked the halls of the home I have been focusing on and kissed the walls, floor, and spoken sweet love lines to the house, it may be a one-sided romance? I may have faltered some by acting like those people seeking a spouse or partner based on what car they drove or their specific profession. I mean really? Can a person truly love another merely because they are a doctor, lawyer, plastic surgeon, or sports celebrity? When they go to bed at night or sidle up to their lover do they imagine the car, job, or scalpel caressing their body or embracing them tight? Eww…messy and possibly a tad bit bloody or cold. This “Candice”-epiphany tells me that a little more intrinsic & personal essence would inform my home choices more succinctly. Thank you Candice, whoever or wherever you are in your lovely Tiny home. I cannot say this has inspired me to go tiny, but it has inspired me to go deeper inside like I have usually done with friends… That may be the key to their constant involvement with a constantly non-compromising companion like me. Thanks I love you all. Now I’m off to ponder the aspects of my own happy home!

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