Got A Road Trip Attitude!

Today I woke up not too excited about the shape of my body, the status of my Dissertation or the attitude that was a-brewin inside me. Why did Thelma & Louise have to come on just as I began seriously pondering my time, actions, and life…let alone the fact I have 3 men in charge of my approval for completion of said dissertation. Probably not a good idea for me to watch this in my current state of mind, but in absence of the ability to take a road trip at the moment, the movie will have to do. From a psychological perspective this could be cathartic, considering many of the issues in the movie have touched my life personally…except marriage. Even I had enough good sense not to put another human being through the rigors of being permanently attached to me! Anyways I’ll take the feeling of traveling on the open road in a convertible (classic at that!) and leave the rest, hopefully along with my current attitude. Self-sabbotage…might be one of my missing middle names—hope it gets lost forever!

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