Shot Crema Tweakin’


Well got the new baby (Espresso Machine) Monday (despite the miss-delivery by UPS who left it at an unoccupied house-new guy I was told hmmm). I have spent lots of great coffee and the past couple days getting the grind matched up with my tamping pressure to end up with a beautiful crema shot that looked exactly like the picture above. After living in a barren coffee wasteland with the Keurig that a friend got me, and I have passed graciously back to him, it is good to smell and taste the aroma of the rich and delightful taste of great coffee. I don’t drink coffee like an addict, despite being born and raised in Seattle, but when I want a cup of java or joe, it needs to taste strong and substantial. Coffee water is like anticipating great sex only to end up in bed with someone who has no idea there is more to the body than something with which to eat, sleep, and crap. I don’t expect perfection, but being self aware and somewhat confident can get any grappling lover by. Now watered down coffee, not so much, it ain’t premature, it ain’t befuddled…it can’t even be called bad sex! It’s a sexless nightmare leaving one wanting and longing for even a firm handshake. I didn’t mean to equate coffee with sexual satisfaction or non-satisfaction, but well it works. I may not get something as beautiful tomorrow, but after today I certainly have something to shoot for! Consistency is not always a friend of mine, but we’re in talks, which is a positive step for me in all phases of life.

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