Replacing Saturday Morning Cartoons with Creepies!

When I was little, Saturday morning cartoons were the next best thing to Captain Crunch cereal or birthday cake. Today, with all the things I’m ‘apposed to do, it’s Saturday Monster movies that make my cake! They don’t have to be good, they don’t even have to be original; they just need to have a creepy content. Oh sure there’s polishing “The Big D,” the laundry, vacuuming, sorting and organizing the kitchen pantry, folding clothes, cleaning the bathrooms, working on my books, research, exercising…. blah, blah, blah (finally I get to the blah blahs), but creepers make the day. (Yeah, they make the day even if I am not watching it, until a stupid line of dialogue, or strange sound alerts me to look up or peer around the corner to see what I’m missing). Sometimes a day of X-files, Grimm, or The Twilight Zone will suffice. Then there’s the horror movie standards that will hit the spot anytime, not matter how many times you see them like: The Blob (1958 version), Aliens, Silver Bullet, The Fog (1980 Version or most things John Carpenter), 30 Days of Night…all good plots and well made. Today “Altar,” so far a pretty good English Creeper.

I feel no gumption to do anything, although a few things have been accomplished. Realized a chair that was taking up excess space was a piece of junk that was un-functional and finally relegated to the “dump” pile of other non-functional unusable items. All things that relieve my lack of indoor real estate need to be released and go happily along their way away from here! I must submit my “Big D” that continues to be reworked hopelessly. If my Dissertation Chair knew how often I’ve changed the title alone, he might call for the white jackets for me. (I myself am starting to wonder truthfully). It could just be my excessive insecurity, which revolves around my final degree; it is working my thoughts so jagged. Oops that’s right, that’s how I think, ha ha. Tomorrow I submit no matter what, just to get it out of my constantly changing thoughts!

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