Beauty in the Breakdown?

Today after clearing out and aligning more “junk” out of the house and finding “proper” homes for many items I created massive floor space in my living room. As I was sending the dust “bullies” to their vacuum-bag-graveyard I realized that I had been opening my leveler blinds lately and not even closing them till later in the night. For me this is simply remarkable 14 years after an on-the-job assault shuttered me in from typical day-open-curtain behavior. The change is long time coming and simply refreshing. I am beginning to see more clearly my physical destination in life. The song by Frou Frou is perfect for this moment in my time. Letting go is sublime and scintillating by the beauty in my breakdown when I realize meekly that I have built myself up in so many ways that opening blinds to my life becomes huge. I’m breathing all of this in joyfully today alone. These are the best moments to be alone and unencumbered by the rest of the world…just my healing energy and loving thoughts of me.

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