Jennings Clan

Carrying us to full term

Breastfeeding us

Teaching us to read and write long before starting school

Hammering in “Don’t be at the wrong place at the right time”

Teaching us to wash our hands all the time (we never got childhood diseases)

Showing up at all school conferences to ask where the homework was (we’ve all been to college!)

Suggesting we could do anything we chose to do regardless of our color, sex, or station in life

Recognizing our talents even when we didn’t realize you did

Providing the DNA for our skin tone, intelligence, compassion, and good looks!

Being so hard on us we were prepared for all the world had to offer good and bad!

Making academics foremost regardless of our skills

Being so terrifying “peer pressure” couldn’t touch or affect us.

For your volunteer work ethic that you passed to all of us in your way

For continuing to live in your way that keeps us amused and proud

Thank you Donnie Elizabeth S. B. for being the only kind of mom we love you to be.

Love your offspring!


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