Writing and Pie


Well, I finally got started on another storyline. My “Big D” was kicked back again (can we say trauma and impart how horrific this repetitive action is becoming for me?) I also decided to experiment with a piecrust sitting in the freezer taking up space. So writing and pie, what else does someone do with the rest of their long dwindling life except cook and write—well I imagine writers might such as myself. The pie is actually cheater blackberry pie, but I learned some things that I will use in the future. I’ll post the Cheater Blackberry Pie in the Mad Chef-tist section. The writing is like a breath of fresh air for me. This “Big D” is not quite the writing experience I imagined. It’s more of a hurry-up-and-wait game that could frustrate a person right out of their skin. Then at the end of the waiting it’s more corrections that may or may not be accepted. I still haven’t found a positive payback in this “Big D” process. I like my Chair, and the other committee member, but this isn’t the forum to make friends or socialize and what it is for seems to be moving NOWHERE!!!! Discouragement? An absolute understatement is the only response to that. I have cooked in the past to mitigate the inadequacy that graduate work has imposed upon my sensibilities, but even that doesn’t placate me anymore. Even though I created this cheater recipe and smoked/grilled for the Memorial day weekend on the new “Pit Barrel Cooker (PBC)” that I acquired recently, I didn’t feel a sense of accomplishment with either. Everything tastes wonderful, but my hunger is practically nonexistent lately. I am eating more to avoid throwing things out and wasting food. I even took on a demonic-sounding tone with my brother to demand he take some food out of my house to keep from having to deal with it all. Outside of half-n-half, I suspect no more groceries will be purchased in the near future. That includes veggies and fruit. I’ll just have what’s in the freezer and canned. After cleaning and breaking down cardboard boxes after unpacking long hidden boxes I don’t want any more deliveries of any kind! I just want to write. So I’ll work on the next corrective prospectus, the new book until sleep comes, and when it does, whenever it does I BE SLEEPIN’!!!

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