BlackBerry & Fast Eddy


There are the two gangsters living with me. Blackberry aka: Pepper-the Chow Chow/Australian Shepherd mix,DSC00828 who is the mastermind silent type. All her directions come from her eyes. She often says things to me with those eyes like: “Bitch please, you’re going to put something else on that food or I ain’t eatin’ it! Did I stutter (or blink in her case.)”? Then there’s the ever constant daily look when I throw her a treat and it falls 5 inches from her paws or mouth: “What? You expect me to get that?” (Yes I am the one that eventually retrieves the treat and places it properly between her paws, which usually garners “If you’d only done that in the first place I wouldn’t have to look at you like you’re crazy or soon to be annihilated.” These two gangsters use their eyes all the time to impart something for instance Fast Eddy aka: Ty/Tyler/Ty Ty-the Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mixDSC01170 often casts a nervous or fearful look unless you speak or spell the word O-U-T-S-I-D-E. Once he hears that he jumps up in the air like reindeer flight across a Snowy Christmas sky. It’s strange; he literally has his front paws tucked under and jumps about 3-5 feet into the air while twisting the back end of his body—now that’s excitement! Yeah Fast Eddy, who does everything fast except eat his dinner—for some reason he has to remove some kernels periodically to the floor to suck them up. When he’s finally done with his food, FINALLY (I swear it takes hours even if it is only 3 minutes longer than Blackberry), he jumps around whining in a frantic agitated state until Blackberry silently appears from around the corner. Blackberry has dinner timed to about 22 seconds of suck down then promptly disappears to the living room. On cue she comes back as if she’d sent Fast Eddy to broker the opening of the back door. She can’t be bothered with asking to go outside or intimating that she needs anything from me. She’s the kind that could stare a statue into submission. It doesn’t hurt that she looks like a cross between a black bear and a wolf—should have named her Beowulf.DSC01316Hmmm…. maybe that’s a better gangster name for Blackberry (It seems Master gangster nicknames are so much more difficult to pick than the little lackey ones likeDSC01322 Fast Eddy.

I thank God always, no matter how much I grouse, that they chose to grace me with their mercurial, frustrating, clown-iac, & loving presence!


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