Rancid Emptiness


As I traverse this life, I find it most difficult to deal with the walking dead. Most times they don’t know it, because their consciousness is, well…missing? Do you feel sorry for zombies? Do you pity or put yourself in harm’s way to facilitate their comfort or nonsense? Mostly I have found the Old Russian adage to listen with your feet most appropriate, but then I recall the words of a somewhat lucid zombie who told me once “You’ve got to pick your battles.” When that foolish person shared this with me they were unaware that I knew about some of the unethical things with which they had partaken. I choose not to engage in wars personally, professionally, or globally despite the actions of those around me. I always wondered how people who did and said creepy things slept at night, but then I realized sleep comes easy to the shameless…there is no conflict of consciousness, when one has none. How often do we hear someone say, “love ya,” “I’ll call you,” or “I would NEVER share your secret,” only to experience the explicit opposite. “Good Christians” and many other “organized” religious folks fight, kill, maim, gossip, ruin others etc., despite professed spiritual perpetuity, foregoing the Golden Rule for something karmic-ally devastating. I have never understood it, which usually ended up with me ruminating on how easily I trusted and misjudged someone’s “ethical integrity.” One of my writing teachers told me when I frustratingly said I did not understand murderers that I shouldn’t want to understand them. He said they themselves had no concept of the total damage they do, so understanding them was useless. He was probably right. By lending people undeserved trust/credit, solely based on my unwillingness to accept the constant flaw presented to me, merely fosters and perpetuates zombie-like behaviors. Essentially, I help to disable them so they resist or ignore personal responsibility in their thoughts, words, and deeds. This isn’t to suggest any kind of perfection on my part whatsoever; the belief in perfection is just as distasteful. I continue to long for spiritual responsibility in those claiming to be better than what they exhibit. Why claim to be something you are not? That still baffles me as the truth remains and always floats to the surface even when people lie to themselves. Tragic. Years, ties, secrets, and lies may hide or provide a false sense of security, but like the darkness, everything eventually comes to the light. So now that I’ve thought long and hard about the walking dead…I’ll simply move out of their way and leave them to fester in their rancid emptiness.

Fragmented Framework

Counterfeit Cynosure

Avariciously Alluring

Petulant Personality

Broken Beauty

Sybaritic Superstar

Irascible illustriousness

Egocentric Essence

Lost Luminary

Pathetic Paragon

Narcissistic Non-Notable

Ersatz Erudite

Detestable Prima Donna

___________You’ll never get it

__________________The Repulsive Reflection

________________________________Smiling back at you.

©BBerry 10/5/15 12:49 AM

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