Watching Halloween Passing…

Angel 009

With my mom’s passing and familiar eruptions/reactions…unnecessary, my favorite month of the year is all but gone. Halloween will pass unceremoniously as I lament not being able to talk to the matriarch daily by phone or enjoy massive horror films in patronage to this great holiday. To say I have been overwhelmed with all that had to be done is an understatement. Normally I would put some crazy horror music from a monster movie on the outgoing voicemail greeting or a creepy scene from a horror film to celebrate the season, alas too many after death official calls to field. My mom used to call and listen to them etc., which other family members hated. I didn’t care about their thoughts, but there were too many business calls that I could not thwart in lieu of my enjoyment. I feel sad about the loss of both the Holliday hijinks and the complicated, yet intriguing Madonna that nurtured me in her own crazy way. Sundance channel will have Halloween 1-5 on November 1st…maybe I’ll be able to play it while I work on submitting Sunday assignment. I’ll miss you Halloween till next year this way comes!

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