I ain’t talking!
Not about the crap you made up about my mother
Not about the lies you told as if no one was the wiser
Not about the cray cray insistence to do things no one cared about
Not about the shoulds, coulds, and wish you woulds
That bares no meaning…except to you

I ain’t talking!
Because you haven’t got the grace of good you like to cajole
Because your shame can’t be transferred for the things that you stole
Because your mixed up mind has confused truth with doubt
Because you really just need to kiss my ass, grits, and goat
You bear no meaning to me…. not nothing of you

I ain’t talking NO MORE
And I didn’t do it either
I don’t care what they say I didn’t do it
And I’m still not talking
And that’s all there is to it.
And I feel like a car that’s run out of gas
So as far as I’m concerned you can kiss my ass!

©BBerry & GMangogna 11/4/2015

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